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CloudBees turbo-charges the way Java applications are built and deployed to meet the rapid pace of business in an on-line and increasingly mobile world. By eliminating the friction caused by provisioning, maintaining and administering complex hardware and software infrastructure, we streamline and accelerate the entire Java application lifecycle from development to deployment. The CloudBees platform provides a rich set of services that are easily consumed by developers allowing them to rapidly build and deploy new business applications with zero IT administrative overhead. CloudBees serves the needs of a wide range of businesses from small startups that want to focus on quickly creating new on-line businesses to large IT organizations that need to rapidly respond to new business application projects. Backed by Matrix Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, CloudBees was founded in 2010.

Odnoklassniki is one of the largest and fastest growing social networks in Runet, having more than 100 million of registered users, and more than 33 million unique users are visiting the site every day. Per 1 second in Odnoklassniki take place: 260 000 photo views; 6 500 messages and 1000 comments; 1 250 search requests, 80 ms; 30 000 push and 160 000 offline notifications; 2 500 posts on wall, 50 000 view.

Approximately 200 employees are working in offices in Riga, Moscow and St.Petersburg, and our team of 60 Java programmers developes complex task for most popular high-loaded internet Project: 5 millions of online users in rush hours; 250 000 pages per sec, 50 ms; network traffic in rush hours: 50 Gbit per sec.

100% of Odnoklassniki is owned by holding Mail.Ru Group – the largest Internet company in the Russian speaking segment of the Network. Odnoklassniki is for 99% written on Java. Unique combination of our own developments with advanced technologies on popular platforms: Java, GWT, Ruby, Flash, Android, iPhone and others.

Playtech is the world’s largest publicly-traded online gaming software provider. Playtech Estonia was the first and the only development center of Playtech until 2006, due to the company’s growing business needs other development centers have been established one by one, in seven different countries by now. Thus we can proudly say that the solutions that have brought success to Playtech originate from Estonia. Even today, Playtech Estonia is the largest center of the corporation. We can confidently consider us to be one of the biggest software companies in Estonia – near 600 specialists in Tartu and in Tallinn are involved in our large-scale activities today. Why GeekOut? “We understand that the source of success is people. Playtech values bright, dedicated and open minded developers. This is why GeekOut is something we wouldn’t miss!”

Skype is software that enables the world’s conversations. Hundreds of millions of individuals and businesses actively use Skype making over 700 million minutes of video / voice calls per day, send instant messages and sharing files with other Skype users. If you have a keen desire to stretch yourself to support the delivery of great products and features then Skype’s the perfect place for you. Tiit Paananen, Skype Estonia Site Leader adds “Skype believes in universal talent. Developers and testers focusing on task at hand are working in tight agile teams and choosing tools that are best to solve problem in focus. That way we can get optimal solution to problem or opportunity. GeekOut brings together folks around web technologies. We provide opprtunities to connect that to on of the most scalable and complex backend infrastructure that is essential to make sure frontend works as it should.”

Vaadin is an open source framework for rich web user interfaces. It makes it easy for Java developers to create stunning web applications without any JavaScript or XML programming. User interfaces are written in Java, but can run in any modern web browser without plugins. This is achieved by combining server-side development model with Google Web Toolkit based rendering. In practice Vaadin saves 50% of the development time when compared to Java Server Faces.

Vaadin has a really active growing community with thousands of users. It supports huge number Java related technologies – from Java EE standards to dynamic languages that run on JVM as well as most popular development tools. There are over 250 add-ons to extensible framework. Applications can be deployed to any standard Java web server, portal or even on Google’s App Engine.

Vaadin Ltd offers professional support, services and add-on components to ensure success of web application development and make it even faster.


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