Using Vaadin to create HTML5-enabled web apps in pure Scala

by Joonas Lehtinen 

Friday, 15 June 2012 14:00 @ Track 1

The Scala toolset lacks a RIA platform allowing the developer to create the user interface in pure Scala. This presentation demonstrates how Vaadin fills that gap. We create a Vaadin Scala project using the corresponding Eclipse plugins, and build a beautiful, ajax-enabled application from scratch. In addition, we show how to leverage HTML5 using Vaadin add-ons. Everything is done in Scala only – no XML, HTML or JavaScript are needed.
* Get introduced to Vaadin Framework
* Find out best practices on how to use Vaadin APIs from Scala
* Learn how to start writing beautiful web applications in no time leveraging the power of Scala

The session will include two parts. First we present the used tools and concepts. Then we build an application step-by-step to demonstrate how to use the tools.

All developers interested in writing rich desktop-like user interfaces for the web should attend – no experience of web technologies is needed.