Hack into Your Compiler!

by Jaroslav Tulach 

Friday, 15 June 2012 14:00 @ Track 2

Many people are convinced that compilers are complicated science. Right, they sort of are. On the other hand, JDK6′s annotation processing API makes it easier than ever to plug in to the compilation process and participate on producing extra resources, as well as classes.

During the tutorial we will study the basic behavior of annotation processors. We will write our own, analyse how it helps performance. We will walk through various examples of existing processors to see how limitless they are (except few gotchas). Last, but not least we’ll uncover the hidden capability ofannotation processors to extend any JDK6 complaint Java IDE.

If you have never hear of annotation processors, join our tutorial to get a feel for their power. If you have faced complexity of compilers before, stop by to see how easily is JavaC extensible. Should you have written annotation processors before, visit us anyway – either the tutorial increases your knowledge, or you will increase our.